Saturday, April 19, 2014

Looking forward to meeting @jackandraka...

Inspiring and energetic young inventor Jack Andraka will visit me and the students at #UVa next week. First he'll visit my nanoelectronics class, ECE 4140, and then he'll give talk and do some Q&A on Monday at noon in the dome room of the UVa Rotunda. It'll be a lot of fun, and I am expecting a lot of other young inventors to attend.

Biomedical engineer Alex Zorychta, himself a clever inventor whose team recently won a UVa Entrepreneurship Cup and secured substantial funding, has set up a FaceBook Event to help me publicize this event.

Given the source of Jack's inspiration, the topic of his research, and the venue for his talk, I thought it'd be appropriate to comment about Randy Pausch, the brilliant computer scientist who inspired so many people with his "Last Lecture" and "Time Management" during his final days here in Virginia. Here are the introductory ppt slides that I will present on Monday:

Keith Williams' intro slides for Jack Andraka's visit on Monday April 21st


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